Terms & Conditions

The Passport to Paradise program runs from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018 and is available to authorized Paramount dealers only. Each individual salesperson must enroll, and there must be a salesperson’s name on the drawing request form in order for that salesperson to earn “salesperson points” (www.1paramount.com/builders/passport/enrollment). Paramount’s CAD department must draw all PCC2000, PV3, PVR, Cyclean, Vanquish, Vanish, Pool Valet, and Vantage systems in order for points to accrue. Points are accrued from the CAD layout only. Drawings must include a completed drawing request form. Builders organizing their own pool layout must still submit drawings and drawing request forms showing the number of nozzles, valves, canisters and other necessary information to Paramount. To verify points, Paramount will compare the total accrued points by drawing to the total points by purchase. Paramount’s verified point totals are final. Points are not confirmed and valid until the product is purchased from Paramount. The ownership of the company accrues 2% of the total product dollars purchased in “Owner Points”. 2% does not apply for product purchased through distribution. Owners can transfer any and all of the “Owner Points” and their own “salesperson Points” toward sending their top Paramount in-floor salesperson(s). If no salespeople qualify on an individual basis, Paramount Pool & Spa Systems will award a trip to the top in-floor salesperson (as long as there are enough total aggregate “salesperson” points to equal a trip). This can be either a ground or full trip. Paramount points can be tracked at paramountpassporttoparadise.com. Points listed on the Paramount website are drawing points and not verified points. Vendor Partner points must be submitted by October 15, 2018.

Owners and/or Individual salespeople not qualifying but earning a minimum of 800 verified Paramount points can roll over their points from year to year until a full trip or ground package is reached (6 year limit). Rollover only applies to years that meet the minimum qualification of 800 points. Vendor Points can be rolled over but are in addition to the minimum Paramount points. A salesperson qualifying for but choosing not to go on a trip can rollover Paramount and Vendor Points. Points must be used for the next year’s trip or they will be forfeited. If an owner or individual salesperson goes on the trip and has left over (excess) points, the points will be rolled over. Points must be used for the next year’s trip or they will be forfeited. Points accumulated through distribution purchases must be verified by the dealer providing Paramount copies of the distributor’s invoices. These invoices must be submitted by September 14, 2018. 2% owner points not available with distribution purchases. If an Owner earns a full trip for 2 with a combination of verified Paramount points, vendor points and 2% owner’s points and choose not to go on the trip, the points can be used as follows:

  • 100% towards product credit (Paramount will issue in the form of an account credit)
  • 100% towards rollover to the next years trip. Points must be used for the next year’s trip or they will be forfeited
  • Paramount needs to be notified by November 30, 2018 if you would like your points in the form of a product credit
In accordance with Federal Law, individual participants are responsible for reporting the tax value of the trip and will receive a 1099- MISC for the fair market value of the trip. Please consult your tax advisor for any further information.

A completed W-9 Tax form must be received before any trip is awarded. All accounts must be paid current on November 30, 2018. If you qualify for a trip and register to go and then cancel, those points will be forfeited. Owner points are not eligible for any promotional points multiplier. Salesperson must be employed at the company where they earned the points to be able to qualify for the trip. Awards of the Passport to Paradise Trip(s) are subject to the Owner’s discretion.